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Scent Descriptions


Kissing and Telling: A flirty, colorful blend of succulent purple passion fruit, burgundy Tuscan grapes, sun-kissed yellow peonies, fragrant vanilla orchids, and just a hint of fresh greenery.  Compare to VS bombshell.

Jammin Rock Candy: An explosive blend of the sweet jammin' berry trio of juicy ripe cherries, strawberries, and raspberries harmonized with hints of tangy citrus brought together by icy peppermint and sugary hard rock candy.  This fragrance truly "Rocks the House".

Root Beer: The refreshing aroma of a root beer soda.

Berry Bewitching: Begins with top notes of peach, apricot, and blackberries; middle notes of mandarin, cinnamon, and rose; and nicely balanced with just a hint of woodsy musk. 

Juicee Courture: The perfect fragrance oil for girls who want it all!  This fragrance combines wild berries and mandarin, honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine.  Embodied with the aroma of amber, caramel, sandalwood, vanilla and praline to add just the right touch of sweetness. Compare Juicee Courture fragrance oil to the popular Juicy Couture fragrance. 

Rainbow:  This fragrance is a very unique fragrance beginning with top notes of pear, green grapes, kiwi, raspberry and peach; followed by middle notes of jasmine and lily of the valley; and well rounded with a base note of white musk. 

Naughty Berries: A blend of delicious Rose wine, elderflower syrup, mixed berries and sugar crystals. 

Icy Shine: Juicy melon and sweet raspberries pooled with a bountiful bouquet of muguet, peonies and magnolias softened with white musk.

Lick Me All Over: This fragrance oil is a wonderful exotic fragrance with base notes of raspberry, cantaloupe, and watermelon, middle notes of jasmine and violet, and fresh top notes of grapefruit and kumquat.

Just Peachy: "wipe the juice off your chin, it is sun ripened peach." An absolutely dead-on fresh juicy peach!

Mandarin Orange: Tropical islands and magical fruit is the calling of Mandarin Orange. 

Sinus Blend: Ever smell the scent of vick's vapor rub? This fragrance is a cool, crisp blend of camphor, eucalyptus, and mint. Great for stuffed up noses! 

Peace Blend: (warm, peaceful, inviting scent) This fragrance oil is a wonderful blend of ginger, carnation, orange, vetiver, and musk.

Headache Blend: Rosemary, peppermint and lavender essential oil blend. 

Relaxation Blend: This fragrance is one that will help your worries melt away. A relaxing blend of freshly picked lavender flowers, with juicy citrus top notes; well balanced with woodsy base notes.   

Energize Blend: This fragrance is an eye opening blend of grapefruit and lemongrass to awaken your senses.

Passion Blend: This fragrance is a romantic combination of fragrance oils and essential oils, which blends floral notes such as lilac, gardenia, carnation, lavender, and hyacinth on a strong bouquet of roses.

Mood Blend: This fragrance is a combination of fragrance oils and essential oils. An uplifting, herbal floral aroma composed of fresh citrus top notes, floral middle notes of lavender and rose, with earthy base notes of patchouli and cedarwood. 

Witches Brew: A spicy blend of patchouli, cederwood, and cinnamon. 

COCONUT MANGO TANGO: A super Summer sensation!  Sweet, creamy coconut with hints of citrus, apple and bottom notes of ripe, sweet mango.  You will love this fabulous blend!

Castaway: Cool and refreshing and sweet and tart!  Top notes of Coconut water, Kaffir Lime leaves and Lime juice.  Middle notes of lemongrass, Malibu rum and orange nectar.  Bottom notes of white wine, Tonka bean and musk. 

Butterscotch and Bourbon:  Delicious boozy notes capture the heart and complexity of fine aged bourbon whiskey, freshly uncased from rich oak barrels. Pervading accords of heavy cream and decadent, golden butterscotch ignite the passion for this warm and tasty beverage, while a base of sweet baking vanilla adds an alluring coziness to this wonderfully warming aromatic treat. 
Spring Apricots & Lavender: Oh what a lovely lavender it is! Opening notes of soothing, herbal lavender, bright, crisp apple, succulent pomelo and sun-kissed apricot will whisk you away to fields of lavender in bloom and apricot orchards in the springtime! Romantic endeavors of gorgeous magnolia blooms, fresh bamboo and enchanting dahlia will steal the heart and captivate the senses with this alluring fragrance. A base of sweet seduction captures the soul with warming nuances of rich sandalwood, cozy cedar, soft musk and cashmere woods, for a bouquet of sheer delight and botanical beauty!
Turtle Beach: --- Smells like Suntan lotion
Vitamin SEA: --- Rosemary, tea tree and peppermint
Black Raspberry Vanilla type*: Ripe, juicy black raspberries do a delectable dance of deliciousness in this mouthwatering and sweet aroma! This scent becomes a true classic when whimsical notes of creamy vanilla musk create a base of uplifting delight, mingling exquisitely with ripe berry tonalities for a universally loved aroma! 
Lemongrass:  Dupe of Lushes Avobath type*
Deadly Weapon: A rugged and masculine scent with the perfect balance of intense spices including black pepper, cardamom and clove with a touch of sweet mandarin set the scene for the introduction of rich leather, smooth frankincense and edgy woods.
Cotton Candy: Take a trip to your hometown county fair, and enjoy the tasty aroma of a favorite sweet treat! With our Blue Cotton Candy fragrance oil, the county fair comes to YOU! Fruity top notes of juicy grape and fresh, delicious strawberries combine to create a mouthwatering delight! Soft, sweet, sugary accords spin to fluffy perfection around a base of creamy vanilla and delectable, candy-like berry tonalities. With this tantalizingly yummy fragrance, the county fair is always just a sniff away!
Beach Bum: --- Coconut Bay mixed with Coconut Butter . This luscious creation has buttery top notes that lead to the signature of sugar and creamed vanilla bean. Hints of spice add warmth and rich toasted coconut finishes the blend.
Yuzu:  Also referred to as Japanese Grapefruit, Yuzu is not your ordinary grapefruit scent.  Yuzu begins with top notes of mandarin, tangerine, lemon satsuma, and ruby red grapefruit, middle notes of bergamot, and base notes of oakmoss.

Vanilla and Sandalwood: The beautiful combination of luscious, rich vanilla, and earthy Indian sandalwood.
Coastal Cafe: --- Coffee with coffee grounds
Beach Baby: ---No scent No color
Bay Rum: Bay Rum is a spicy, cultural blend of crushed cloves, cinnamon sticks, patchouli, and crisp pine needles, with a sweet orange freshness.
Salty Mariner: Salty marine notes and fresh rain mingle with lily of the valley, jasmine, leafy greens, pine and musk.
Lavender Sage:
Beachwood Vetiver: Close your eyes and breathe in the exotic salty sea air with its notes of dried coconut, eucalyptus, night blooming jasmine, carnation, and vetiver followed by sun dried driftwood and the tanginess of seaweed. It's like being back on vacation without a care in the world.
Peppermint candy:
Cashmere and coco butter: A scent as complex as it is cozy! Top notes of warm cedarwood rest upon a melange of sweet vanilla, fragrant tonka bean, comforting coconut and alluring jasmine. Nuances of precious woods invoke feelings of soothing warmth, while the richness of golden amber, light musk and creamy cocoa butter envelope the senses like a cozy blanket!
Patchouli Rain: Patchouli Rain is like no other fragrance oil. It’s rich, deep, and mysterious. This fragrance oil is a fresh rain and earthy patchouli with notes of lily of the valley, cyclamen, fresh ozone, earthen moss, and hints of sweet citrus. Rain has never smelled better!
Fruit Loops: This deliciously nostalgic blend is sure to put a smile on your face with sugary-sweet top notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit. Middle notes of lavender, orange and milled corn combine notes of wholesome grains with scrumptious fruity accords, while a mouthwatering base of smooth vanilla is complimented by hints of cozy sandalwood. From the grain-like goodness of tasty cereal tonalities, to sugar-frosted fruits and splashes of creamy milk, your favorite childhood memories are always just a sniff away!
Oatmeal, Milk, and honey: A heartwarming classic begins with a dash of nostalgia and a sprinkling of comfort! Cozy grains of pure, wholesome oatmeal open this delectable scent, unfolding upon good-for-the-soul tonalities of creamy milk and sweet, golden honey. A richly fragrant base of warm, nutty almonds completes this caring and loving blend, creating a scrumptious and soothing aromatic delight!
Eucalyptus Mint: Invigorating herbal blend of eucalyptus and spearmint with fresh citrus lemon, lavender flowers, and a hint of sage.
Beach: Suntan lotion scented
Rosemary Mint: A beautiful blend of rosemary and mint leaves. Smells amazing.
Black Amber and Lavender: A deep and soothing blend of sophisticated French Lavender and exotic amber. Supporting notes of tonka bean and myrrh enhance this sweet floral accord with a kiss of cozy richness; while a base of soft musk invites a lovely warmth to this harmonious bouquet.
Cabana Boy: ( Friday Nights ) All the glitz and glam of Friday night captured in one beautifully exotic blend! It begins with an energizing splash of crisp, citrusy orange notes that seductively mingle and dance around alluring essences of soft, sultry jasmine. To end the night off right, this enticing aroma winds down with gorgeous nuances of warm sandalwood, opulent amber and kisses of cozy musk. Now you don't have to wait all week! With this fragrance, the magic of Friday nights happens anytime you like!
Stormy Sea's: A cleansing ocean air just before the storm, this scent rolls in with the fresh and invigorating essence of a stormy sea and revitalizing ozone. Crisp watery tonalities relax and rejuvenate the senses, while a grounding base of sea salt lingers in the brisk and awakening auras of beautiful sea breezes!
Mayan Gold: A sexy men's scent! Luxurious. A mix of exotic woods, fruits and spices including patchouli, sandalwood, clary sage, mandarin orange and grapefruit touched with vanilla, chocolate and musk. Don't let your man out alone after showing with this one!
Black Sea: Dusk gently envelopes the crisp atmosphere as darkness slowly settles in. Off in the distance, high in the treetops, an owl softly coos, welcoming the arrival of a crisp evening. A cool wind gently stirs, as whispers of spicy cinnamon surround the spirit. The rustling of leaves awakens essences of warm nutmeg, rich clove and sweet harvest apples. As the sun's last rays lazily vanish over the brisk horizon, woodsy nuances of golden sandalwood and resinous cedarwood opulently fill the air, encircling the senses as they travel upon an autumnal breeze. The world and its inhabitants succumb to peaceful slumber as the enchanted autumn night awakens.
Mahogany Teakwood: The fine wood fragrances of mahogany and teakwood intertwine with hints of clean lavender and the rosy nuances of geranium. Resinous cedarwood and oak wood tonalities blend together to enhance and complete this fragrant accord.
Monkey Farts: We know you are expecting to read a disgusting description, but this unique complex fragrance is anything but disgusting! This unique fragrance begins with top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, and strawberries; and a hint of vanilla as a base note.