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About Me

Hello, I'm Jaqie, the founder of Bubbles Fizz And Foam Bath Treats formally named Ocean Mist Soaps. I legally had my business named changed in Dec 2020 because I wanted to focus more on the bath bombs, shower bomb, bubble bath and shower steamers side of the business. But still offer my one of a kind out of this world luxurious Goat Milk, Beer, and Honey handmade soaps.

I have been married to my better half for 28 1/2 years. I was a stay at home mom to two beautiful girls who have finally finished school and are moving on and chasing their dreams.
My oldest one is a Pharmacy Technician and in her 3rd year of college to become a teacher and the other one decided she wanted to fix cars in high school and went to a technical high school and just graduated in June with 6 ASC certifications at the age of 18 and started her dream job with JM Lexus. Yep she will be the one changing your brakes and fixing your car while she attends the T10 program in college and gets a bachelors in Business.
Once they hit 7th grade they no longer needed their smart ass mom telling them what to do any longer and so I was left with cleaning a house and watching the birds in the backyard all day long. (Boring) I felt like my purpose in life had faded away with the girls starting middle school and no longer needing mommy to stand up and fight their battles.
I started to become depressed with nothing to do all day at home. I came across a YouTube video of someone making soaps and said I can do that, it looks easy. LOL Why not give it a go.
So I started making goat milk soaps which lead to an addition that no 12 step program could ever cure. I am now neck deep in soaps, shower bombs, bath bombs, balms, 500 bath bomb molds .... you get the point.
I have been making bath products for 7 years now and It has truly saved me from some really dark places. 
Thank you for visiting my page. Please be sure to like and follow me on Instagram to see what I create next. www.instagram.com/BubblesFizzAndFoam
Jaqie - Head Bubble Maker