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Relaxation Blend, Aromatherapy, Shower steamers

Relaxation Blend, Aromatherapy, Shower steamers

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Relaxation Blend: This fragrance is one that will help your worries melt away. A relaxing blend of freshly picked lavender flowers, with juicy citrus top notes; well balanced with woodsy base notes. 

Aromatherapy shower steamers, are helpful for balancing your mind and emotions, relieving stress and nervous tension, and easing symptoms of headache or sinus congestion.

When activated by water, shower steamers fizzle away and release abundant fragrances that indulge your senses and relax the mind, a wonderful thing for those who prefer a shower over a bath. Aromatherapy is a natural way to help you balance your body, spirit and mind.


Just like their bath-foaming counterparts, these softening bombs awaken in a fizzy explosion of scent and sound; each one is meant to stimulate a reaction, so you can create a spa-like utopia right in your shower.

A shower steamer is basically a bath bomb for your shower. It fizzles, bubbles and releases an amazing scent while you shower but won't require you to take out a loan to pay for your water bill filling up a tub full of water.

Every Shower Steamer will come in an organza bag to help minimize the amount of handling needed! Hang the steamer, bag and all, from the faucet or knobs of your tub. Allow the water from your shower to activate the steamer and enjoy the vapor throw. You can also keep the steamer on the shower floor if you don’t mind the feeling of menthol on your feet when added. 

Our Steamers take a long time to dissolve. If you’re done with your shower before the steamer is done, or if you’ve gotten all the vapor you need for the day, simply pull the steamer and bag from the shower. The puck will stop reacting once it’s no longer in the flow of water and can be used again for another shower.

Please do not use shower steamers in lieu of bath bombs. The addition of menthol makes them unsuitable for soaking and could seriously burn your private parts! Although we’ve provided the steamer already bagged, we still suggest that you wash your hands after handling steamer, even if you’re getting straight into the shower. Menthol is a powerful additive and will easily transfer from your hands to other body parts and could cause an uncomfortable burning sensation.